Samsung Punks NYC Commuters in the 'Tab Cab'

NYC Stunt Serves as Demo for New Galaxy Tab S

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Jul 07, 2014

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Remember the Cash Cab? Unsuspecting New York (and later Chicago) taxi takers would get into a car and find themselves in the middle of a roving game show lasting exactly the length of their taxi trips.

Samsung and agency Cheil take a page out of the show's surprise-filled book for this 'Tab Cab' stunt film to promote the Galaxy Tab S. They recently caught NYC taxi riders unawares, inviting them into cars that featured not the typical Taxi TV screens, but a multi-tablet display, one of which featured the new Samsung tablet. Riders were asked to select their favorite one, which (with perhaps the help of strategic editing) overwhelmingly turned out to be Samsung's offering. Throughout the video, the passengers' discussion also offer info on the gadget's various features, including one that goes by the clunky acronym AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED), which apparently, beats the pants off traditional OLED displays.