Samsung : Tweetcracker

Crack the code with a Tweet.

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Aug 02, 2011

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Tweetcracker is a Twitter-based code-cracking game created by the Barbarian Group for Samsung and Intel.

In order to win the prize of a Samsung Series 9 notebook and $10,000 in gold, users need to crack a 10-digit safe code. They can tweet three guesses a day until August 17, using the hashtag #tweetcracker, and if they guess right will dissolve the site's 'laser beams' and open the safe.

The activity is part of Samsung and Intel's wider 'Boosted' campaign, so they'll be giving out clues on the Boosted Facebook page and Twitter feed. They will also replenish the prizes if someone guesses right before the 17th - although given that the odds are apparently nine billion to one, that seems a little unlikely. But to narrow their guesses, users can download a CSV file of every single recorded guess.