Johnsonville Creates a Sausage-Cooking Reality Show Ahead of the Super Bowl

Winning Dishes Will Be Brand's Official Game Day Recipes

Published On
Jan 12, 2017

Editor's Pick

Johnsonville is trying to get everyone thinking about sausages for Super Bowl night by creating its own sausage-themed reality cooking show ahead of the big game.

In "Sausage Dome," the first episode of which airs today online, contestants from all around America pitch their Super Bowl grub to six real-life Johnsonville employees, known as "The Sausage Six." The winning recipes will integrated into digital and print campaigns ahead of the Super Bowl as Johnsonville's official Game Day recipes, and the winners also get a free supply of sausages for a year.

The first episode bears all the hallmarks of classic food competition TV---with glaring looks from judges, edited in to heighten a sense of conflict and drama. Even one of the competitors turns out to be a food show staple -- Jeffrey Saad, host of Cooking Channel's United Tastes of America, who presents himself as a martial arts aficionado and delivers a surprisingly basic chili dish comprising Johnsonville's sausages and cans of Bush's baked beans.

The remainder of the campaign, by Droga5 New York, will continue to roll out throughout the next two weeks. The show was produced out of T Group Productions, a reality TV production company behind shows such as "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour," "Container Wars" and "Celebrities Undercover."