Johnsonville Is Giving Out Sausage Advice on a Dedicated Support Line

Employees Will Man the 'Sausage Support Center' for Three Days

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Sep 28, 2016

Editor's Pick

Johnsonville continues to bring a quirky touch to sausage advertising with its latest campaign -- the launch of a dedicated helpline doling out advice on how to cook sausages.

The campaign, by Droga5, revolves around the 844-9-SAUSAGE helpline -- and yes, it really does exist. When we gave it a ring, the support rep gave us advice on doing a "slow and low" cook to get perfect grill marks on our sausages and then texted us a recipe for sausage and penne.

The Sausage Support Center will be staffed by Johnsonville employees in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, for three days: Wed., Sept. 28, Thurs., Sept. 29 and Fri., Sept. 30, between 8AM and 8PM Central time. Outside of those hours, the phone line will offer sausage recipes and "entertaining stories" from Johnsonville staff.

To promote the helpline, there's a series of short online films profiling different members of staff who'll be working on the helpline, like Tammy, Sheri, Mark and Bob. That ties in with Johnsonville's strategy of putting its employees at the forefront of its marketing; a previous set of ads by the brand centered on employees coming up with ideas for commercials.