You Can Now Ask Alexa for Help With Not Wasting Your Food

Campaign From the Ad Council Promotes Smarter Food Storage

Published On
Aug 22, 2017

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Confused about what to do with that odd-shaped vegetable in your refrigerator? Or how to keep herbs from going slimy? You can now ask Alexa.

The Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have been working together on a campaign, Save the Food, to make it easier for consumers not to waste so much food. Their latest effort includes adding a Save the Food functionality to Amazon Alexa so that the AI tool can dish out advice on smarter food storage, tips for evaluating whether something is still safe to eat, and tricks to revive food that's past its prime.

The campaign is created pro bono by SapientRazorfish, which also worked with the Ad Council and NRDC to develop a video featuring celebrity chef Dan Barber, of New York's "Blue Hill" restaurant. In the film, Barber and his team surprise two foodies with hand-delivered delicious meals made from scraps that would otherwise never have been eaten.