Santa Delivers A Chilling Christmas Message From Greenpeace

Downton Abbey's Jim Carter Plays A Grim St. Nick In A Melting North Pole

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Dec 03, 2013

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A tired and dishevelled-looking Santa (played by Jim Carter, Downton Abbey's butler Carson) delivers a chilling Christmas message from a melting Arctic in this new film from Greenpeace. In it, Santa (who looks like he's close to suffering a nervous breakdown) warns the children of the world that Christmas may be cancelled as his home of the North Pole is suffering from the melting of Arctic Ice -- and reveals that world leaders such as Obama and Putin are on his "naughty list" after not responding to his pleas. The ad ends with a call to action to Save Santa's Home and a link to search for the campaign website and sign Greenpeace's petition. Ed Morris at Rattling Stick directs.