OK Go's Next Mission is to Meld Your Mind

Band releases its first app, fries your brain

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May 08, 2013

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Musicians/all-around creators OK Go are on a new mission--to meld your minds. The band just released its first app, "Say the Same Thing," a game that challenges you to do just that. Available for free on iTunes and in theGoogle Play store, players team up with a buddy, each tossing out a word and then, finally, coming up with a third inspired by the two. If that third word is the same on both ends, score! The teaser video here, directed by Todd Sullivan and starring bandmembers Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind shows you just how insane the game can get.

The app was coded by bandmember Andy Ross and beta-tasted by the rest of the guys. And, for a limited period, all of them will be on the other end of their phones, ready to play with you.