Pick of the Day: Kenzo Debuts 'Season Zero' With Zero Celebrity

Film Initiative Supporting Young Directors Promotes Brand's Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

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Nov 06, 2017

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Known for its untraditional promotional films from big-name directors, fashion brand Kenzo takes a fresh turn with "Season Zero," a new initiative that supports budding filmmaking talents to promote its Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

Previously, Kenzo has collaborated with notable names including Spike Jonze, Gregg Araki, Sean Baker, Carrie Brownstein, Kahlil Joseph and Natasha Lyonne. This time, the French fashion house selected three young directors to create original films following the theme "Inhabit the Earth" and suggesting unexplored dimensions.

Argentinian filmmaker Eduardo Williams directed the six-minute film "TZZD" (seen above), a story abou an elf-like man in Buenos Aires, a robot constructor in La Paz and a group of dancers in Fontainebleau's forest.

"I like to think about living together in different places of the planet and share diversity of points of view through the language of cinema," says Williams in a statement provided by Kenzo. "It (this film) is mainly different becausethe ideas have to be connected to the intention of selling clothes after people watch the video."

French directors Baptist Penetticobra and Mati Diop directed the other two films, "Untitled (Juice)" and "Olympie."