Seasoning brand Dan-O’s spoofs Liquid Death’s ‘Biggest Ad Ever’ with the smallest

The canned water brand promises half a million little billboards—Dan-O’s has just the one

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Feb 09, 2024
A product shot of Dan-O's showing the tiny circular ad space on the bottom

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Liquid Death got some attention this week for its “Biggest Ad Ever” stunt around the Super Bowl, selling ad space on 500,000 cases of its product—which it says will have better reach than a pricey Big Game commercial.

Now, seasoning brand Dan-O’s is hijacking that hijacking—with the “Smallest Ad Ever.” 

Over at, Dan-O’s is auctioning off the little circular space on the bottom (!) of a single bottle of its product. “The bottle with your ad will hit somebody’s shelf in the next couple months,” the brand says in the eBay description—promising the occasional ad impression (maybe? if they happen to turn the bottle upside down?) over the coming months. 

The rest of the eBay description is pretty good, too. 

“Commercials in the Big Game cost over $6 million and only reach about 110 million people. Heck, we’re flavor rich, but we’re not RICH rich,” it reads in part. “We don’t even have a real creative team. Just some guy named Mark with a computer. He ‘borrowed’ this idea from Liquid Death!!! More exclamations!!!! So if this all goes terribly wrong, we can blame him. In fact, he’s writing this right now. Actually, I just copied and pasted most of it.”

Calling itself “a small brand with big dreams,” Dan-O’s said the ad space embodies just that. Bidding ends on Monday. As of this writing, there have been 29 bids—the current one is $355.

“In the face of a competitive market, we’re leaning in with bespoke storytelling, fully committed to thinking small,” Neal Stewart, Dan-O’s chief commercial officer, tells Ad Age. “Our focus is on creating personalized experiences that resonate deeply, proving that ‘all in’ on tailored narratives isn’t just marketing—it’s connecting with each individual uniquely.”

“It was a busy week for me, so I just copied and pasted Liquid Death’s campaign for us,” added Mark Philip, VP of creative. “This week, though, I’m gonna really buckle down and have ChatGPT work on some Michael Cera stuff.”


Feb 09, 2024
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