Poo-Pourri Fights 'Second Hand Stink' from Your Man's Movements in New Video

The Toilet Odor Guard is Back With Another Ridiculously Funny Video

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Apr 23, 2014

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Ad Age Viral Video Award winner Poo-pourri is back with more fecal fun in this new video promoting how the odor guard can actually help enhance your love life.

The brand's spunky spokeslady from "Girls Don't Stink" returns, this time, waiting patiently on the bed as her man takes a dump nearby.

But she's not excited about getting down and dirty in the miasma of her beau's bowel movements, which is where Poo-pourri comes in. She takes the opportunity to toss out more fanatastic euphemisms (from freshly churned colon sausage to intestinal cigar) and pimp the brand's various extra-strength varieties, like Trap-a-Crap or Heavy Doody.