Craving a Coke? This Second-Screen Campaign Gets it to Your Door in Minutes

Innovative Campaign Leverages Second Screen and Taxi App Tech

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May 19, 2016

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In Israel, those thirsting for Coca-Cola were able to have it at their doorstep within minutes in a fun campaign that integrated second screen and broadcast technology with a local ride service app.

With agency Gefen Team and tech company Dov-E, the brand created a spot embedded with special ultrasonic audio signals that were able to communicate with viewers' mobile phones. The sounds would trigger a prompt to appear on the phones, showing a button "Gett Coca-Cola." If viewers tapped it, five minutes later a special Coca-Cola package -- a branded cooler, two Coke bottles and a bottle opener, would show up at their doors.

The brand partnered with local taxi app Gett, which, during the time of the promotion dispatched throughout Israel thousands of vehicles packed with the coolers.

According to the agency, it intends to integrate the technology in future Coca-Cola projects.

Gefen Team has created innovative ideas for the brand before, including a "shooting star" campaign fueled by drones and a one-of-kind bottle campaign for Diet Coke that the brand later adopted for the U.S. market.