A Cult Leader Gets Cold Feet in Hilarious David Shane Short

A Countdown to the Afterlife Goes Horribly Wrong in 'Second Thoughts'

Published On
Apr 17, 2015

Editor's Pick

O Positive's David Shane -- known for his brilliant comedic work for the likes of HBO Go and BMW -- has directed this dark, funny short, in which a cult leader gets second thoughts just as he's about to lead his flock to drink a deadly potion and transcend to the afterlife. Prouced out of B Negative and written by Josh Dimarcantonio (180 LA creative director) as well as Matt Heath and Eric Stevens, it takes us through what happens as the cult followers begins a final countdown. Their leader would have them believe they will travel on a comet to a planet full of virgins -- but, suddenly, he's not so sure.

The same ensemble were responsible for previous short Plane Crash while Shane's other work includes short film Playdate.