Santa's Phone Number Goes Viral in This Charming Telecom Spot

Havas Lisbon Created Ad for Portugal's NOS

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Dec 01, 2017

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A delightful holiday film from Portuguese telecom brand NOS imagines what would happen if everyone found out Santa's phone number.

The two-minute film, by Havas Lisbon, begins with a father who tells his son that he has a secret to share with him, but he mustn't tell anyone else. He writes down his own phone number, and says it's Santa's. Of course the kid is far too young to keep such a momentous secret; he shares it around the school, and inevitably some of his classmates' parents get hold of it too. In the course of the day, in goes viral, even making the news, and spreads far and wide around the globe.

As a result, the father is inundated with calls to Santa in his office, something he seems to take in good spirits (either he owns the company, or he can't be too worried about his job). But what will happen when he gets home? The finale is quite charming, with lovely performances from the father and son, directed by Marco Marins of Ministerio dos Filmes.

As part of the campaign, in the days up until Dec. 25, viewers really can call the number featured in the film, and will be greeted by a different "emotional Christmas message" every two days, says the agency.


Dec 01, 2017

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