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Oct 01, 2020
Smiling mother and sleeping baby in sunlight of nearby hospital window


In 2020, Sinai Health launched a new campaign aimed at raising awareness of Sinai Health's pioneering approach to medical care through a "See What Care Can Do" message. The problem was, the hospital foundation category is ever-crowded with most, if not all brands, communicating a ‘care’ message.


So, in 2022, we needed to demonstrate that the care Sinai Health provided was more than just ‘medical’ care. We needed to highlight the people who received the care, in addition to those who gave it; the doctors but, but also the patients, nurses, support staff, researchers, and family members who all have a collective hand in ensuring successful patient outcomes.

We evolved the “See What Care Can Do” campaign, replacing the word “care”, a rather homogenous, medically focused word, with “we”, where “See What WE Can Do”, communicated a more empathic, human-focused message. One of inclusivity, bringing together all the people involved in achieving successful patient outcomes from the doctors to family members.


The newly positioned campaign launched across several channels, including linear TV, social media, print, and digital. The inclusion of family members in the creative helped to further personalize the “we” in “See What WE Can Do.”, with each marketing channel highlighting a different aspect of the campaign.


By making ‘care’ more human, we were able to change the perception and conversation surrounding Sinai Health and the complex care it provided, driving greater awareness, mentions, familiarity, donor interest, and donation size - a 30% growth here! Shifting our strategy drove significantly higher results in 2022 versus the previous year’s campaign:

2022 Performance vs. 2021:

  • 30% Growth in Average Donation Size
  • 10x More Donor Landing Page Views (vs. previous two years combined)
  • 39% Improvement in CTR 
  • 75% Lower CPM cost

2022 Brand vs. 2021:

  • 263% Increase in Familiarity 
  • 83% Lift in Ad Awareness 
  • 57% More Online Mentions.
  • 10% Higher Interaction Rate on YouTube

"See what care can do" social media attention.

See what care can do, vertical ad.


Oct 01, 2020
Client :
Sinai Health Foundation
Agency :
FUSE Create
Executive Creative Director :
Steve Miller
Creative Director :
Linda Carte
Art Director :
Patrick Carter
Copywriter :
Mike Furlong
Group Account Director :
Lindsay Ditkofsky
Account Director :
Blair Elliot
Account Coordinator :
Nicholas Dinatolo
Integrated Producer :
Terra Stephen
Freelance Producer :
Sharon Nelson-Bailey
Production Company :
Director :
Ross Allen
Executive Producer :
Dan Ford
Producer :
David Cranor
Production Manager :
Erwin Abesamis
Production Coordinator :
David Benchitrit

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