Inventive Street Art Campaign Reimagines Everday Objects Through a Child's Eyes

Outdoor Ads Point the Way to London's V&A Museum of Childhood

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Mar 17, 2015
See the World Through a Child's Eyes

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London's V&A Museum of Childhood has transformed everyday features of the city's streets into art representing how a child might see them in this inventive campaign from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

The agency commissioned a group of artists to find interesting and unusual objects and spaces around East London, where the Museum is based, and turn them into illustrations. For example, a light on a building becomes a spaceman's helmet, cracks in the pavement is a spider's web and a drain cover turns into a kite.

Next to each piece of art is a sticker directing visitors to the Museum, with the tagline "See the world through a child's eyes."

The Museum of Childhood has also mapped all the installations in a microsite, created by MediaMonks, and will use photographs of them for a poster campaign.