Apple Promotes iPhone X Selfies to the Poetry of Muhammad Ali

Latest Ad in 'Shot on iPhone' Campaign Demonstrates Portrait Lighting Feature

Published On
Jan 22, 2018

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Apple's latest spot in its "Shot on iPhone" campaign promotes selfies taken on the iPhone X, set to the recorded words of Muhammad Ali.

Highlighting the portrait lighting feature on the iPhone X, the ad, which debuted last night during the AFC/NFC NFL Championship games, is a montage of portraits taken by people of a diverse range of colors, ages and ethnicities. According to Apple, the choice of Ali as the soundtrack (as Cassius Clay, taken from the comedy album, "I am the Greatest," recorded live in 1963) reflects that "he represents what can be accomplished through unabashed self-belief."

The result is more like an art project than your run-of-the-mill spot for a mobile phone--and if you're a selfie junkie, it's sure to grab your attention.