A lowly baker wages a fight against corporate overlords in dystopian ad from Paypal-owned iZettle

Edelman Deportivo created the sci-fi tale of small business

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May 22, 2018

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In the not-too-distant future, retail consolidation has reached its apex. A few, powerful corporations run a dystopian technocracy. Privacy is a thing of the past, cast aside in the name of a singular consumer experience. There's no room for startups, small businesses or entrepreneurs. At least, that's what the megacorp elites want you to think.

In a sweeping, cinematic short film, Swedish financial technology firm iZettle offers a beautifully dark vision of the modern world, reminiscent of "Blade Runner" or "Black Mirror." The promise of capitalism has been corrupted by the powerful, and underdogs resort to violence in the streets.

Stockholm creative agency Edelman Deportivo presents iZettle as an antidote to impersonal automation, the champion for little baker Billie in her fight against Giant Corp., an obvious analog for Amazon. The two-minute spot was directed by Sao Paulo duo Alaska and produced by Iconoclast. It's a powerful message that runs the risk of feeling incongruous, given that iZettle sold for $2.2 billion last week to fintech giant PayPal, which has itself been accused of making life difficult for small businesses.

When the concept was first created, the client was still just iZettle, and it wasn't changed after news of the acquisition. "Both we and iZettle felt that the concept was even stronger, since PayPal has built a brand on democratizing banking services," says Mattias Ronge, chairman and creative strategist at Edelman Deportivo. "Sure, larger companies can also use the platforms. But iZettle and Paypal offering small companies the same payment solutions the big corporations have is really leveling the playing field."

Whatever your point of view, the film is a compelling reverie and marks the first appearance of the firm's new brand concept "For the Selfmade." The campaign also includes a searchable database of small businesses linked to Google Maps. It will roll out first in Stockholm before expanding to the rest of Sweden and internationally.


May 22, 2018
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