Selfridges' Groovy Animated Film Brings Sustainable Clothing Arguments to Life

Film by Director Anna Ginsburg Explores Some Fascinating Insights

Published On
Jan 17, 2017

Editor's Pick

Anna Ginsburg's beautiful animated short film. from U.K. department store Selfridges, which explores some of the arguments behind the need for sustainable fashion, has been selected for the Young Directors' Showcase at Cannes.

"Material World" was created by illustrator Sara Andreasson, and directed by Ginsburg via Strange Beast, and ran online on Selfridges' Hot Air, the retailer's content channel. Ginsburg cut down eight hours of interviews with manufacturers into two minutes, with a team of animators bringing to life some of the arguments and information with a good deal fo style and flair. The resulting film is a great way of illustrating (already fascinating) insights such as that yak hair is an alternative to cashmere or that denim is one of the biggest polluters in the industry. Definitely worth a watch.