You Can Vote to Send Donald Trump (and Other Climate Skeptics) Into Space

Friends of the Earth Australia Has Launched Crowdfudning Campaign

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Jun 16, 2016

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If nothing would make you happier than the idea of sending Donald Trump into outer space, you might turn to a crowdfunding campaign from Friends of the Earth Australia.

The "Send a Sceptic to Space" campaign, by The Monkeys, lets people nominate climate change skeptics to blast off from the planet so they can experience the "Overview Effect" of seeing the earth from space; Trump currently leads the field.

You can also make a donation to crowdfund the ticket that Friends of the Earth says it will buy for the climate skeptic. While we're not sure Trump would voluntarily agree to leave the earth on the back of a rocket, it's a nice idea in these uncertain times. One observer sees such as a potentialliy more cataslysmic threat to the planet.


Jun 16, 2016
Friends of the Earth Australia
Friends of the Earth Australia
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