Meet Julia, Sesame Street's Autistic Character

New Initiative Highlights the Uniqueness in All Children

Published On
Oct 26, 2015

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Sesame Street workshop has introduced a new member of its puppet family, Julia, the company's first autistic character. Julia is the star of a new interactive storybook, "We're Amazing, 1,2,3" alongside old favorites Elmo and Abby.

Julia is part of the brand's "See Amazing in All Children" initiative, which aims to create an affirming story around autism. The effort includes various resources for families of children with autism, such as daily routine cards designed to help autisitc kids learn the steps involved in daily activities.

There are also a number of videos, including "The Amazing Song," and "Benny's Story," which give a peek into the daily lives of autistic children and their families. Sesame Workshop developed the initiative with input from parents, individuals with autism and others who serve the autism community.