When Garage Projects Get Out of Hand; Quirky Ads Promote Carlsberg's New Hard Lemonade

Vicious Penguins And Time Travel Feature In Launch Campaign For Seth & Riley's Garage

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Apr 22, 2014

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Carlsberg is promoting Seth & Riley's Garage, its launch into the hard lemonade market, with a quirky campaign through Belgian agency Duval Guillaume in which a bunch of young guys come up with ideas in their garage that are "kind of" genius. But only kind of.

Seth & Riley's Garage, which will be launched initially in Russia and Canada, will compete with the likes of Mike's Hard Lemonade, and it appears to have gone for the kind of offbeat humor that features in Grey New York's campaigns for that brand.The product is styled as being based on the tradition of U.S. homemade alcoholic lemonade (i.e. brewed in your garage) and the idea is that little projects conceived in your garage might end up working too well. In one execution, one of our heroes manages to create a time travel machine...but it doesn't have a back button, which is unhelpful when he finds himself caught up in a medieval, Game Of Thrones-style funeral. In another, a flying machine sends a guy into Antarctica, where he gets attacked by some vicious penguins. The third relates most directly with the product, with characters dressed as a lemon and a bottle of alcohol running into each other's arms in slo-mo. But it only works in slo-mo.