This 'Interactive Sex Film' From Sweden Shows How Too Much Booze Affects the Bedroom

Actors Play a Drunken Couple in Bed

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Feb 10, 2016

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IQ, a Swedish nonprofit promoting moderate drinking, has come up with a novel (and very Scandinavian) way of getting young Swedes to think about how much alcohol they consume.

Via agency Edelman Deportivo, it's made an "interactive drunken sex film" in which two actors can be seen in bed behaving according to how much alcohol the viewer says they've had to drink. People can go to the Sexometer website to see the couple in different stages of drunkenness. You can scroll around to change the number of drinks they've had, and the higher it goes, the worse it looks.

According to the organization, it made the film because young adults drink to find the nerve to have sex but when they drink, they perform poorly. In a poll conducted by IQ, six out of 10 people aged 18-25 claimed to have had sex under the influence of alcohol -- but 80% of those think the sex would have been better with less alcohol involved.