Shangri-La Invites Weibo Users on a 'Virtual Pilgrimage' to Tibet

People Saw Their Wishes Written on Flags and Hung Above Holy Lake

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Aug 04, 2014

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To launch the new Shangri-La Hotel in Lhasa, Tibet, Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong focused on the country's association with spirtuality, appealing to users of Weibo (China's Twitter) to go on a "virtual pilgrimage" to the country. In conjunction with famous Tibetan singer Yangjin Lamu opened a Weibo page on which users could post their wishes and dreams. These were copied onto traditional Tibetan handwritten prayer flags and showcased on the site, and then finally hoisted over the holy lake Lake Namtso by Lamu. This was followed by streaming live video and photography of Lamu visiting the places they suggested. The site attracted close to a billion impressions online.