Syfy and Philips Take Over Your Lamps to Make 'Sharknado 2' Even More Frightening

As If Great Whites Aren't Enough

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Jul 24, 2014

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"Sharknado 2" is set to hit screens on July 30, and Syfy has teamed with Philips to ensure that home viewers have the most insane viewing experience ever. The unusual crossmarketing effort links up the Syfy Sync second screen app to the Philips Hue connected lighting system, enabling those with both services to enhance -- and make more terrifying -- their Sharknado experience with a dramatic light show. When viewers hook up the app to their Hue systems, it will detect audio cues from the movie to trigger bulbs to go on and off and change colors alongside what's happening on screen, whether it's inclement weather or gruesome shark attacks.

Viewers don't have to wait for the launch of the sequel to enjoy the light show and can test it out watching the original Sharknado.


Jul 24, 2014

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