William Shatner : Shatoetry

Poems with a Shatner twist.

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Nov 01, 2012

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Next time you write some poetry for your significant other, make it special. Make it Shatoetry -- a unique compilation of pre-recorded words by William Shatner that can be mixed together to create "Shatisms," a gross-sounding name for what is actually a pretty cool idea. Users can mix-and-match the phrases and words and create their own poetry, which is read out in Mr. Shatner's voice.

The app, available on the iOS, builds from Mr. Shatner's body of spoken word works. It also lets "Shatoetists," i.e., multiple users, co-create the Shatisms in a special mode and collaborate online. They can also compose poetry and Haiku.

"People all over the world have been listening to my voice for so long, but they've only ever heard what I wanted to say," Mr. Shatner said in a statement. "I wanted to give people a means to express their thoughts and ideas, using my voice. It's a fun, creative app that I am certain people will enjoy."

Definitely a better idea than the last celeb-app we featured: Ricky Gervais' "Just Sayin'."


Nov 02, 2012
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William Shatner
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William Shatner

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