Watching this fireplace video will generate money for the homeless

Ad revenue from film by Above & Beyond is donated to U.K. charity Shelter

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Nov 09, 2021

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The popularity of virtual fireplace videos soared during the pandemic, as homes with cozy flames became a sanctuary from the unpredictable outside world. A new holiday effort on behalf of U.K. homeless charity Shelter taps into the phenomenon by raising money to help people out in the cold.

Agency Above & Beyond worked closely with Google to create the Good Fire YouTube channel, which raises funds for the charity. Viewers playing The Good Fire YouTube video on their TV will generate AdSense revenue to be donated directly to Shelter.

To raise awareness, a promotional video made in conjunction with Smuggler will run on Sky over the Christmas period. It pans out from the view of the flames to show a homeless person shivering in the cold outside a warm home. 

“This will be an especially tough winter for many, for thousands of families it will mean Christmas spent in cold, cramped temporary accommodation, and for some people, it will even mean freezing nights spent sleeping on the streets," said Andy Harris, director of fundraising at Shelter, in a statement.  “Shelter’s frontline services will continue to work tirelessly to help as many people faced with the trauma of homelessness as we can, but we need the public’s help. Just by watching ‘The Good Fire’ from the comfort of your own home this Christmas you can help us fight for a safe home for everyone without one, this winter and beyond.”