Marvel heroes head into harm's way, backed by an unlikely ally

Pro-tip: don't screw up in front of Drax the Destroyer

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Apr 03, 2018

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Not every hero gets top billing, or even a real name. In a new spot for the Marvel Strike Force mobile game, a S.H.I.E.L.D. medic seizes his moment in the spotlight, only to get tripped up by his lack of plot armor.

Many war-themed game franchises are self-serious affairs--all monologue and machismo, backed by heavy metal or an incongruous ballad. But Marvel takes the wind out of Medic's brooding with the help of a little schadenfreude from the more famous Drax. It's the same kind of lightheartedness that infuses the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It isn't afraid to make fun of itself, unlike the grim (and inferior) films DC offers.

Aside from a few seconds of gameplay at the end, the footage is original CGI. Agency barrettSF was behind the effort, produced out of visual effects studio The Mill. The company took characters designed by game developer FoxNext and animated them using live actors in motion-capture suits. A stuntman even took a tumble to make the action as realistic as possible. Six to 60-second cuts began running a few days ago and hit broadcast and cable this week.


Apr 03, 2018
Brand :
Marvel Strike Force
Client :
Marvel Strike Force
Agency :
Chief Marketing Officer :
Jordan Edelstein
Vice President, Marketing :
Daniel Helmhold
Senior Product Marketing Manager :
Tania Samsonoff
Executive Creative Director :
Jamie Barrett
Creative Director :
Todd Eisner
Senior Art Director :
Jen Hart
Head of Production :
Conor Duignan
Account Director :
Molly Warner
Strategist :
Kevin Albrecht
Production :
The Mill
Director :
Rober Sethi
Director :
David Lawson
Editorial :
The Mill
Editor :
Victor Jory
Editor :
Natalie Wozniak
Edit Assist :
Bradley Rhone
Visual Effects :
The Mill
Executive Producer :
Anastasia Von Rahl
Producer :
Dan Love
2D Lead Artist :
Martin Karlsson
3D Lead Artist :
Chris Bayol
3D Lead Artist :
Chris Goodrich
Colorist :
Adam Scott
Music :
New Math
Composer :
Dan Sammartano
Composer :
Jared Hunter
Composer :
Ray Loewy
Composer :
Dave Wittman
Composer :
Kala Sherman
Sound Design :
Engineer :
Michael Anastasi
Mix :
One Union
Engineer :
Matt Wood

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