This smart shoe insole helps the hearing-impaired to experience music without headphones

Streaming service Anghami developed the tech with agency And Us

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Feb 27, 2023

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For most people, headphones are the way to enjoy music while on the move, but that doesn't work for the hearing impaired. So Anghami, the music and entertainment streaming platform with 80 million active users in the Middle East and North Africa, developed a different way for them to enjoy music; via a smart shoe insole.

"Sole Music" is a project developed for the client by the agency And Us. The smart insole can be inserted into any shoe and connected via Bluetooth to the Sole Music mobile playlist, and the technology works by translating music into tactile vibrations, allowing the hearing impaired to feel the rhythm of the music through the soles of their feet, wherever they are.

To support the launch of Sole Music, Anghami also released a short documentary by Egyptian director Maged Nassar, which tells the story of born deaf dancer Pierre Geagea trying the product for the first time.

"We knew that the hearing impaired community were enjoying music through vibrations via large speakers, often only in a limited number of venues where such a setup was possible," explained Ramy Khadi, Anghami’s head of commercial, in a statement. "So when And Us had the idea of making a truly portable listening experience, we jumped at the chance. It’s the first step in democratizing the music listening experience which could empower millions of people in the deaf community to have the kind of casual relationship with music the hearing community often take for granted.”

“Music has the power to move nations – they’re more than just songs, they’re a unifying narrative that transforms the way we think, work and play," added Fadi Yaish, founder and chief creative officer of And Us. "It’s a gift that should be shared with everyone, regardless of whether or not they can hear it in a conventional way. Sole Music is what happens when the power of modern technology teams up with the unlimited potential of design. After two long years of development, we’re thrilled to see this project come to life.”


Feb 27, 2023
Client :
Agency :
And Us
Head of Commercial :
Ramy Al-Kadhi
Chief Creative Officer :
Fadi Yaish
Executive Creative Director :
Steve De Lange
Executive Creative Director :
Jamie Kennaway
Executive Creative Technical Director :
Diogo Borges
Associate Creative Director :
Mohamed El Nagdy
Brand Director :
Lama Halimeh
Incrementalist :
Ricardo Espada
Senior Designer :
Mohamed Abou Khatwa
Head of Production :
Serra Chehade
Producer :
Nadim Khoury
Director :
Maged Nassar
Joe Saadeh
Executive Producer :
Khaled Zaki
Producer :
Sara Touma
Producer :
Aya Gaafar
Founder/Director :
Tariq Ali
Producer :
Luna Mahgoob
Senior Colorist :
Karim Mira
Editor :
Amr Rabee

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