In short, the results were a sensation

Capturing the je ne sais quoi of Wes Anderson in an eclectic social media campaign

Published On
Sep 28, 2023


Dedicated to journalists everywhere, Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch mixes comedy and drama in a collection of stories with an all-star cast. For this advertising campaign, we worked with the home entertainment team to highlight the perfect moments that would inspire fans to marvel at Anderson’s richly imagined world and drive them to purchase their own copy. 

Homing in on standout scenes and visuals from the movie, our social content had Wes Anderson’s fans saying, “Oh, I’m buying this!” (Yes, we’ll have our drink now.)

French Dispatch key shot



Sep 28, 2023
Client :
Searchlight Pictures’ The French Dispatch
Agency :
The Craftsman Agency
Producer :
Jeanmarie Steele
Creative Director :
Gina Michnowicz
Designer :
Sara Cantrell

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