Insert Mom Here: Apple Invites You to Personalize Its Mother's Day Ad

Users Can Celebrate Mama and iPhone in a Single Shot

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May 06, 2016

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Earlier this week, Apple and TBWA/MAL introduced this quiet, touching Mother's Day film promoting the iPhone. Its premise is simple: "Moms, shot on iPhone," and it features a series of photographs and video clips of moments between mother and child, all captured on the device. Beneath each one is a line crediting the name of the photographer. The film is set to the pensive track, "Because You Are Who You Are," by K.S. Rhoads.

Today, Apple now invites viewers to personalize the film by adding a photo of their own mothers to the mix.The site asks you to upload a shot (not necessarily one taken on an iPhone), your first name and last initial, to create your bespoke film, which can be shared with Mom and the rest of the world on Facebook. See one example here.

The song and images make for a powerful emotional trigger, but It's kind of a convenient cheat for those of you who forgot to send a card or flowers. And it might get a little silly if come Mother's Day, you end up seeing the same spot (save for one scene), clogging up your FB feed.