Orangina : Show Your Originals App

You never forget your first.

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Aug 17, 2011
Show Your Originals App

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To celebrate Orangina's 75th anniversary, the brand has created a Facebook app that can show you who your first "original" friends were. The idea, created out of Kong Amsterdam, is to align the theme of originals with Orangina, which has the tagline "Original by Nature."

Facebook has been focusing on the theme of nostalgia quite a bit of late -- showing you status updates from a year or two ago, old comments between friends and events you attended in the past. To carry on the theme, Orangina's app can show you a list of 10 friends who were your first, who commented on your posts and your wall and who liked your comments. You can then save the top 10 into a photo album to share on Facebook.

The app will be available in Europe, Asia and Africa.