These Airplane Sick Bags Are Totally Sick

Toronto's FlyGTA Airlines Put Street Artists' Work on Its Throw-Up Catchers

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Feb 26, 2018

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Canadian airline FlyGTA has turned the saddest things in the airplane seat pocket --the vomit bag--into one of the sickest--in the best sense of the word. The short-hauler has adorned its throw-up catchers with the colorful works of Canadian street artists Uber5000, Runt and Jimmy Chiale. In fact, they're so delightful you might just want to take them home and use them for your sack lunch instead.

FlyGTA worked with Toronto creative boutique LP/AD on the "#SickArt" campaign, which will see the unique designs on bags starting from March 1. The artwork will also be on permanent display at the FlyGTA lounge at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto. The airline also working with the artists to update its livery.

"When a street artist does a quick illustration on the side of a building, in street art lingo that's called a throw-up," says LP/AD Managing Partner Alex Shifrin in a statement. "The creative kind of wrote itself, really."


Feb 26, 2018

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