Toyota Promotes Its Hybrid Harrier With Two Versions Of TV Commercial

Campaign By Tugboat Is Aimed At Showing Car's Contradictory Features

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Jan 21, 2014

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Toyota is advertising its Hybrid Harrier in Japan with a campaign that launched first as a teaser showing an actor in the "role" of the car. The campaign, devised by Tugboat, is aimed at demonstrating that the Hybrid Harrier has many different contradicting features or "sides" to it; for example 4x4 wildness versus sophisticated styling, or eco-friendliness versus power. Hopng to attract a younger audience to driving, the teaser, "Side A" portrayed a mysterious character "H.H", played by an actor, then revealed in the "Side B" version that H.H. was in fact the Hybrid Harrier. (The campaign website shows both films side by side). A month after the launch, the company has had more than 20,000 orders, against an initial monthly target of 2,500 cars.