This Thought-Provoking Film Explores the Stories Behind Immigrant Protest Signs

Director Ivan Cash Interviews the Humans Behind the Words

Published On
Feb 08, 2017

Editor's Pick

Many people have commented on creativity pouring into protest signs around an unsettled world at the moment -- but what about the human stories behind them? That's the angle M ss ng P eces director Ivan Cash takes in a thought-provoking short film exploring the art of protest.

Starting with the question: "What if our signs said everything about us?" he interviews a diverse group of people at a protest in San Francisco about the reasons for the wording on their signs -- but we don't see their faces, only the signs they're holding up and the backs of their heads or legs.

Some are immigrants, or the children of immigrants, while some are Republicans, Christians and "white boys" showing their solidarity with refugees and immigrants. All have different, and sometimes quite complex, reasons for writing what they did.

Cash, who's known for his eye-opening social explorations such as one that asked people to share the last photo they took on the phone and another in which he asked people about the last time they received a snail mail letter, hopes for this to be the first in a series of episodes based at protests around the world. We'd be fascinated to see them.