Sinyi Realty's 'In Love We Trust' bags Cannes Entertainment Grand Prix for 2021

Campaign from Taiwan aims to address the country's high divorce rate

Published On
Jun 23, 2021


A powerful short film for Taiwanese property developer Sinyi Realty addressing the country's high divorce rate is the joint Grand Prix winner for the Entertainment Lions at Cannes. 

"In Love We Trust" was awarded by the jury for 2021 while Tinder's Swipe Night was awarded for 2020.  The campaign, by Dentsu Mcgarrybowen's Taipei office tells the story of a young woman who works in Taiwan's Household Registration Office, registering marriages, divorces and deaths. She's afraid of commitment in her own relationship but makes an important realization about life and marriage when an old man comes in to register his wife's death.

Sinyi's intention was to encourage more young people to think about marriage, as in the long term this leads to couples deciding to purchase property. Ahead of the film's launch, the agency started an online debate about the phrase "the age of doubting marriage."

Jury President Jae Goodman, CEO at Observatory, said the jury was impressed by the way the campaign "took the long view": "There will be no overnight business impact from this campaign, but it is about shifting culture. The cultural insight around it is remarkable." 

He added that "it doesn't scream at you and there are no company logos in simply lets the storytelling resonate."