Sir Richard's : Happy Birth Control Day

You had me at 'condoms'

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Oct 26, 2012

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Sir Richard's Condoms -- who previously introduced us to the delightful concept of the "Vagina Rule" -- is celebrating something called "Birth Control Day." Falling on Nov. 13, the designated non-holiday is the first ever, and aims to build awareness about birth control. TDA Boulder created the website which celebrates the "responsible decision of choosing not to be a parent."

Site visitors can send digital cards to loved (or formerly-loved) ones with fun lines like "Let's not make the same mistake our parents did," and "Let's change positions, not diapers" at the site.

Nov. 13 was chosen as the date because on that day in 1921, the agency tells Creativity, Margaret Sanger was arrested for trying to keep the NYC Police Department from closing down the country's first-ever American Birth Control Conference at the Plaza.