Toyota Hits the Olympics in Six-Second Ads and More

Auto Brand's Presence at the Games Will Feature Various Formats

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Feb 12, 2018

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If you watch the games even for a few minutes, it will be hard to miss Toyota, which not surprisingly is seizing on its new Olympics sponsorship with a round of new ads, including one starring figure skater Ashley Wagner. She failed to qualify to compete, but will be in South Korea filming content about "experiencing the Olympics from my point of view," she said on Instagram.

Doesn't seem like much of a consolation. Toyota will also run several six-second ads, an internet-inspired format designed to land a message before jaded consumers tune out. Toyota has the exclusive rights to run the quick-format ads during the games, according to a spokeswoman. Here are all the six-second spots (mashed into one video). Saatchi in the U.S. and Dentsu in Tokyo teamed up on campaign.

The auto maker will also be running full versions of the ads. There are spots telling contemplative, bittersweet story of persistence featuring Olympics medalist Ashley Wagner and a runner who encounters tragedy, and yet another features delicate, frozen athletes to highlight the brand's commitment to climate preservation.