Burt's Bees Products Act Out Classic Movies In Vine Campaign

Lip Balms In Costume, To Promote "Classics" Line

Published On
Oct 08, 2013

Editor's Pick

There's something very surreal about this Vine-based campaign by Burt's Bees, in which the brand's lip balms and other products "act out" classic movies in six-second shorts. Promoting its Classic line of products (which have never been marketed as a group before), the campaign, by Baldwin&, kicks off with "Little Women" (in which lip balms wear wigs and gingham dresses) and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". Future titles will include "Metamorphosis", "Moby Dick", "The Scarlet Letter" "Julius Caesar" and "Gulliver's Travels."

Each Vine is stop-motion animated on an iPhone by Vine animator Jethro Ames, with the in-camera, stop-motion shooting for each spot taking about four hours, after which the film must go live or be discarded. No post work is possible.