Skittles : Skittles for Celebrity 3

So. . . not. . .fair.

Published On
Aug 17, 2011

Editor's Pick

Wrigley's Skittles enlisted Olson to get the brand even more on the radar by playing the celebrity card. Skittles singled out a few of the most famous among its 15 million Facebook fans--including Joe Jonas, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom and Derrick Rose--and sent them some super tricked out Skittles "dispensers" filled with every variety of the candy. The machines are also equipped with motion sensors and voice recorders that tempt celebs with their own voices. Skittles also promises to refill the machines for free for up to three years--the potential for the stars to put pounds perhaps the only consolation for us Schmos who have to buy our own Skittles.