Skittles : Rock Paper Skittles

Skittle v. Skittle.

Published On
Mar 01, 2013

Editor's Pick

Image recognition and Skittles come together in this great online game built by Catapult RPM. "Rock Paper Skittles," which has been created to promote the new "Green Apple" flavor in the original Skittles pack, lets you use a webcam to compete with Skittles fans. Pick a flavor and hold it up to your nose. The image-recognition tech recognizes the flavor and the game begins. Players are randomly assigned opponents, and a handy legend shows you what beats what.

Those sans webcam can manually choose a flavor on-screen. Each "win" gets the player an entry into a prize drawing. Prizes include $50,000, a championship belt that dispenses Skittles for a champion, with "Play-at-home" kits for 250 first prize winners.