What Pissed You Off This Year? Slate Tracks What Angered People Each Day of 2014

'Year of Outrage' Examines Society's Growing Tendency Toward Anger

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Dec 18, 2014

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We've already taken a look back at 2014 through the lens of Spotify's Year in Music, Google's Zeitgeist film and YouTube's rewind video, which all have their share of uplifting moments, from Pharrell's "Happy" to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Slate, however, has decided to narrow its approach to what pissed us off in 2014, in a feature called the "Year of Outrage."

The online publication makes the telling observation that over the years, society's default mode has turned to outrage, whether it be that spouting from the mouths of politicians or spewing forth on chatter over social media on topics significant or small.

The piece contemplates whether all this anger has had a numbing effect on us and attempts to examine how modern outrage actually functions. Starting at the beginning of this year, a team of Slate staffers kept track of what made people mad each day to create an interactive calendar of outrage, documenting an "outrageous" event and who was angered by it. Alongside it, Slate presents a series of essays examining how outrage shapes our world today.