This small digital device could help reduce illiteracy worldwide

The Literacy Pen uses voice dictation technology to transcribe words letter by letter onto a device attached to any writing tool

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May 22, 2024

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There have been many advancements to education throughout history, yet illiteracy remains a problem among adults worldwide. But what if a thumb-sized device could change that? 

That’s what Media.Monks created in partnership with the World Literacy Foundation to help educate 773 million illiterate adults worldwide. The Literacy Pen is a thumb-sized device that can be attached to any standard pen or pencil. Users vocalize the words they would like to write into a built-in microphone, and the device transcribes the word on its digital display, letter by letter. Users can then copy the words on the display directly onto paper.

The Literacy Pen aims to promote learning through written repetition and visual reinforcement, allowing people to learn to read and write. For now, the World Literacy Foundation will manufacture 2,000 Literacy Pens for distribution to 50 schools by 2025. The hope is that the World Literacy Foundation will eventually be able to distribute more worldwide.

“The Literacy Pen holds the potential to impact millions of people who are limited in their daily lives because they don’t know how to read or write,” said Jouke Vuurmans, chief creative officer at Media.Monks. “We applied basic technology in an innovative way to develop The Literacy Pen, and we hope that this tool will inspire independent learning and open doors to new opportunities for its users.”

While the initiative was inspired by illiteracy among adults, other applications could include teaching English as a second language to non-English speaking children and adults. 

“With The Literacy Pen, we are not simply providing a tool, we are offering a lifeline to those fighting illiteracy, empowering them with the skills they need for a better tomorrow,” said Vanessa Portilla, COO of the World Literacy Foundation. 

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May 22, 2024
Client :
World Literacy Foundation
Agency :
Bruno Lambertini
Jouke Vuurmans
Federico Duran
Tomas Almuna
ACD Copy :
Luis Alburqueque
ACD Art :
Oscar Gonzales
Lead Producer :
Liz Ch'ng
Lead Producer :
Servando Alonso
Production Company :
CGI Studio :
Believe Media
Audio Production Company :
Vox Haus
Tech Company :
Creative Director :
Cristian Costa

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