How Not Driving an Audi Sent Claire Danes to Jail

A Tale about Choices and Consequences, From Mediacom

Published On
Sep 19, 2013

Editor's Pick

Audi and Medicom partner on this fun, lighthearted "Orange is the New Black"-esque film starring Claire Danes, who finds herself in jail because of a really bad decision involving her car. The film, which switches up the timeline of events in a really fun way, begins with a jail scene, then flashes back to eight hours earlier, when Ms. Danes made a decision that didn't end up being a good one. Meanwhile, it juxtaposes the jail scenario with the other choice she could have made -- taking an Audi A6 TDI to an event in New York.

An "Emmys edition" of the video will be telecast this weekend, during the 65th Emmys show on Sunday. If we were to guess, it will show Ms. Danes arriving at the show, in style.