LG's New Mobile Ads Mock the Galaxys and iPhones on Which They Appear

M&C Saatchi's Banners Recognize and Respond to Competitors' Hardware

Published On
Oct 14, 2013

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Mobile banner ads don't typically scream "creativity," but this Scandinavian campaign out of M&C Saatchi, Stockholm for LG defies convention with its smart use of hardware recognition. To promote the brand's new G2 smartphone, the agency created a series of banners that recognized -- and responded snarkily -- to the competitor phones on which they appeared. For example, HTC owners would see "Tired of charging your HTC One?" followed by another message to try the LG G2 with 30% longer battery life. Apple users got the tiny message "Hard to read this on your iPhone?" and then another pointing them to the G2 with 5.2" FHD IPS display, while Samsung Galaxy owners were asked, "Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up?" and then given stats on the LG's 20% faster processer.