Every shot in this Lurpak ad is like spreading butter

Kim Gehrig directs intricately crafted spot for Lurpak Softest via W&K London

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Jun 01, 2018

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Lurpak aims to show how "smooth" its "Softest" spreadable butter is in an ad that's ingeniously filmed to mimic the smooth spreading action of the product.

Agency Wieden & Kennedy London called on the talents of Somesuch's Kim Gehrig (Sport England's "This Girl Can" and John Lewis' "Man in the Moon") and VFX house Time Based Arts for the intricately crafted spot. It shows a woman waking up, getting ready for work and making her lunchtime sandwich before rushing out the door. Every shot has a left-to-right flow resembling the central shot of the left-to-right spreading of the product; whether it's the woman drying her hair, putting on lipstick, pouring coffee or the crack along the side of the egg she's putting in her sandwich.

Päivi Piirala, senior global brand manager, Lurpak, says in a statement: "We wanted the whole communication around the product to convey the smoothness of it and show people that they don't have to compromise on taste even when they are in a hurry."

According to W&K London creative directors Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro, the film includes 39 shots in total and took three days to shoot. "From the purely creative point of view, the most challenging aspect was deciding which actions and visuals could best convey a sense of smoothness amidst the rush and find the right flow for the story. From a technical one, it was matching the right speed of some camera moves, frame rates and actions, especially when capturing very tight and detailed moments."

The pair adds: "Everything was scripted ahead of the shoot. In order to create a mesmerising sense of flow we knew we had to technically nail each action and match it perfectly with the rest later in the edit. This is one of those films where you have a very clear vision of what and how it needs to happen and then you just cross your fingers and pray that you're right!"


Jun 01, 2018
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Wieden & Kennedy-London

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