Pillsbury : Snackadium

Chow on this.

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Jan 28, 2013

Editor's Pick

A break from Super Bowl ads is great -- especially when it's this appetizing. Pillsbury has created this Snackadium -- a stadium made of snacks -- using crescent dogs, chips, pizza dough and more, which you can watch in less than 30 seconds. The site also includes instructions on making your own.

The brand has also from the looks of it, reached out to bloggers to ask them to build their own Snackadiums.

While the origins of this fantastic game-day chow are dubious at best, we did find one site that claims the Snackadium was invented circa 2010, and later hijacked by Microsoft's Bing search engine which promoted a "Tailgating Institute of America" contest to find the best Super Bowl snacks around. Still, the Pillsbury involvement makes much more sense.