When Was the Last Time You Received a Handwritten Letter?

Artist Ivan Cash Asks People to Reflect on Snail Mail vs. Email

Published On
Nov 12, 2013

Editor's Pick

The work of artist Ivan Cash serves as a reality check that forces us to contemplate how the digital revolution has impacted our emotional lives. Previously, he conducted experiments that asked people "What's the last photo you took on your phone?" and another that invited people to draw complete strangers' portraits.

Now, building on a previous project, "Snail Mail my Email," which transformed people's emails into hard copies and sent them by post, Mr. Cash took to the streets and asked people, "When's the last time you received a handwritten letter?" Their replies make for a poignant commentary on how although the internet makes life a lot more convenient and connected, it also, in a way, erodes emotional links afforded by a old school communication.