KFC Will Reveal Yet Another Colonel During the Super Bowl

Now Norm Macdonald Is Being Replaced

Published On
Feb 03, 2016

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KFC's resurrected pitchman is gearing up to have more incarnations than James Bond, in barely a 12-month period. Just when we had become used to Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders, agency W&K Portland is teasing us, pre- Super Bowl, with this video, hinting in a not-too-subtle way that this is his swansong. To the soundtrack of "So Long, Farewell," from "The Sound of Music," we see a montage of his greatest Colonel Sanders moments, as Macdonald insists, with increasing desperation, that he really is the real Colonel Sanders. (If you remember, Macdonald himself usurped fellow SNL alumni Darrell Hammond, the Colonel's first incarnation.)

We're told next Colonel will be revealed in the Super Bowl pre-game slot. Any bets on Daniel Craig coming out of the sea in swim trunks?