Verizon Weaves Together a (Literal) Fabric From Social-Media Messages

Designer Christian Siriano Will Create a Physical Garment From Tweets, Basically

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Sep 11, 2014
Social Imprint

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Fashion and tech rarely meet; just ask Google Glass. But Verizon managed to weave the two together for "Fashion Rocks," a concert tied to New York's Fashion Week, by creating a digitally-patterned fabric stitched from the social-media posts sent out by the audience during the show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center Tuesday night. (CBS also telecast the event, contributing to the massive social-media response.)

Verizon and its agency partner, McGarryBowen, call Social Imprint (#SocialImprint on Twitter) "a real-life print fabric fueled by fans' conversations." They had plenty to work with. (Justin Bieber, stripped to his skivvies and booed onstage, definitely helped.)

Each topic tweeted during the concert corresponded with a particular color and pattern in the fabric, which was projected during its creation, backstage and online. For the project, Verizon recruited fashion designer Christian Siriano, who will unveil a physical garment "shortly," the carrier tells Creativity.


Sep 11, 2014
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