Sodastream : Sodastream Source

Changing soda making.

Published On
Apr 16, 2012

Editor's Pick

Sodastream is an innovative product -- not only because it will save you from going to the corner bodega to grab your daily fix of Coke (lazy people alert!) but also because using it completely transforms a person's use of disposable bottles and cans. Fuseproject has created the Sodastream 'Source,' an attempt to change the soda making experience to make it easier, both to use and on the eyes.

The source is a monolithic, sleek structure. There is no need to screw a bottle in; it locks in with a single push, and the entire top surface will respond to touch to carbonate -- the "lever" function in older models is done away with. Backlit LEDs help you figure out your level of carbonation and the Source also doesn't require electricity, letting it stand alone on your kitchen counter.

Fuseproject also did the packing, naming, web and graphic design for the accompanying compostable soda pods.